What's new in 2023?

Social Media Jail.

Firstly, let's talk a little bit about my social media. If you followed me on Facebook or Instagram(@annijapphotography), you might have noticed that you cannot find me anymore. I've worked on my content for years and didn't even think that something like that could happen - I was blocked because of a hacker attack on 23rd of November, last year. All my work and connections where lost and I was about to quit social media right then and there.

However, I still got wedding and photoshoot requests sent on my e-mail and decided, that I have to move on. I was glad to see, that people still look for me, even if I had disappeared. Not all has been lost and life goes on. You can find me on instagram @annijapphoto , I still can't access my facebook(this will be a long battle, I still hope to get it all back) but I am considering to finally join Tik Tok platform.

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Focusing on Wedding.

It seems like this years Wedding season is going to be the busiest I've had, and I am already excited for it! I've set a certain goal for myself and how much work I want to do this Spring and Summer, but I will also have to balance my work and life in a way I don't burn out.

I've decided to focus mainly on Weddings and leave the photoshoots for off season. Christmas was busy enough this year and I realised that I got to work whole Autumn till New Years eve.

Gear update, pricing & experiments

Oh yeah, finally got my hands on Godox V1 flash for more fun experiments at weddings and photoshoots. Used to hate working with flash, especially when I don't wanna be noticed at the event. I still will choose to use as much natural light, as possible but I've noticed that flash photography is getting back in style. Wedding dance floor is much more fun with long exposure shots and I'm considering to explore photoshoots at night too.

Also - because of gear update and rising the quality of my work, due to economic situation in the world right now, I am also changing my pricing a bit.

2023 will be all about changes and new beginnings. Let's get in touch!